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(gen) feu m
→ a great ball of fire
He made a fire to warm himself up. Il a fait du feu pour se réchauffer.
to be on fire être en feu
→ The house is on fire!
to set fire to sth, to set sth on fire mettre le feu à qch
→ He set fire to the church ...
→ Lightning set several buildings on fire.
to catch fire (=start burning) prendre feu
→ My home caught fire and everything was destroyed ...
→ The aircraft caught fire soon after take-off.
to play with fire (=do sth dangerous) jouer avec le feu
→ We warned her she was playing with fire going on a trip like this
to have fire in one's belly avoir le feu sacré
→ I am sure he had more fire in his belly when he was a student leader

(accidental) incendie m
→ A fire had severely damaged part of the school ...
→ Much of historic Rennes was destroyed by fire
The house was destroyed by fire. La maison a été détruite par un incendie.
insured against fire assuré (e) contre l'incendie
a forest fire un incendie de forêt
to fight a fire [firemen] combattre un incendie
to fight fire with fire (fig) combattre le feu par le feu
→ I knew I had to fight fire with fire. I had the truth on my side.

(=shooting) tirs mpl
→ an exchange of fire during a police raid
→ His car was raked with fire from automatic weapons ...
to be under fire [soldiers] être sous le feu de l'ennemi
→ The men on the beach were under fire
to come under fire [soldiers] essuyer le feu
to come under fire from sb [soldiers] essuyer le feu de qn
→ The troops fell back as the infantry came under fire from the enemy
to open fire (=start shooting) ouvrir le feu
to open fire on sb ouvrir le feu sur qn
→ Then without warning, the troops opened fire on the crowd.
to hang fire (=delay a decision) attendre pour se décider
to hold fire (=delay shooting) suspendre le feu
(=hold back) attendre
→ Experts think investors should hold fire for now.
to be in the line of fire (=be a target) être dans la ligne de tir
to return fire (=shoot back) riposter par le feu
to draw fire from sb (=be shot at) essuyer le feu de qn
to draw fire for sth (=be criticized for) essuyer des critiques pour qch

(=heater) radiateur m
Turn the fire on. Allume le radiateur.
electric fire (mainly British) radiateur m électrique
→ She switched on one bar of the electric fire.
gas fire (mainly British) radiateur m à gaz
→ The gas fire was still alight ...


[+bullet] tirer
→ Seven people were wounded when soldiers fired rubber bullets to disperse crowds ...
[+arrow] décocher
→ He fired an arrow into a clearing in the forest.
to fire a gun tirer un coup de feu
→ people had honked their horns and fired their guns to celebrate
The gun had not been fired. L'arme n'avait pas servi.
to fire a gun at sb (=shoot at) tirer sur qn
to fire a pistol at sb tirer au pistolet sur qn
The man fired a pistol at a patrol. L'individu a tiré au pistolet sur une patrouille.
→ Troops fired machine guns as bulldozers ripped up the runway
to fire a gun in the air tirer en l'air

to fire questions at sb bombarder qn de questions
→ They were bombarded by more than 100 representatives firing questions at them on pollution.

[+imagination] enflammer, exciter
→ The story she told me fired my imagination.
→ ... the potential to fire the imagination of an entire generation

mettre à la porte, renvoyer
to be fired from one's job être renvoyé (e) de son travail
He was fired from his job. Il a été renvoyé de son travail.
you're fired! vous êtes viré!

vi tirer, faire feu
→ I fired three times in quick succession.
She fired twice. Elle a tiré deux fois.
to fire at sb tirer sur qn
The terrorist fired at the crowd. Le terroriste a tiré sur la foule.
to fire on sb faire feu sur qn
→ Seventeen people were killed when security forces fired on demonstrators ...

baptism of fire
n baptême m du feu
→ It was Mark's first introduction to royal duties and he came through his baptism of fire unscathed.

coal fire
n feu m de cheminée (avec charbon)

electric fire , electric heater
n (British) radiateur m électrique

fire alarm
n alarme f d'incendie

fire blanket
n couverture f antifeu
→ A fire blanket is a wise precaution in the kitchen.

fire brigade
n (British) (=organization) régiment m de sapeurs-pompiers
→ Seven fire brigades were deployed to contain the blaze.
the fire brigade (=firemen) les pompiers mpl
to call the fire brigade appeler les pompiers
→ Get everyone out and call the fire brigade ...

fire chief
n (US) capitaine m des pompiers

fire crew
n équipe f de pompiers
→ Fire crews were called to set them free from the wrecked cars.

fire damage
n dégâts mpl dûs au feu
→ The building showed evidence of fire damage.

fire department
n (US) régiment m de sapeurs-pompiers

fire door
n porte f coupe-feu

fire drill
n exercice m d'évacuation

n (=entertainer) cracheur m de feu

fire engine
n voiture f de pompiers

fire escape
n escalier m de secours

fire exit
n sortie f de secours

fire extinguisher
n extincteur m

fire fighter
n (male or female) pompier m

fire-fighting , firefighting
[equipment, team]
de lutte contre les incendies
→ There was no fire-fighting equipment.

fire hazard
It's a fire hazard. Cela pourrait provoquer un incendie.

fire hose
n lance f à incendie

fire hydrant
n bouche f d'incendie

fire insurance
n assurance f incendie, assurance-incendie f

fire master
n (British) capitaine m des pompiers

fire prevention
n mesures fpl de prévention contre l'incendie

n (British) pyromanie f

fire regulations
npl consignes fpl en cas d'incendie

adj ignifuge
→ ... fire-retardant foam.

fire risk
It's a fire risk. Cela présente un risque d'incendie.

fire service
n (British) régiment m de sapeurs-pompiers

fire station
n caserne f de pompiers

fire truck
n (US) voiture f de pompiers

forest fire
n incendie m de forêt

friendly fire
n tirs mpl de son propre camp
They were killed by friendly fire. Ils sont morts sous les tirs de leur propre camp.

gas fire
n (British) radiateur m à gaz

line of fire
n ligne f de tir

log fire
n feu m de bois

open fire
n foyer m ouvert
→ Don't leave a child alone in a room with an open fire.
→ a cosy open fire in the sitting room for winter

rapid fire
n tir m rapide


[gun] à tir rapide
→ In the back of the truck was a 12.7 millimeter rapid-fire machine gun.

[conversation] rapide, enlevé (e)
→ Yul listened to their sophisticated, rapid-fire conversation.
rapid-fire dialogue dialogue en rafale
rapid-fire questions questions en rafale, feu roulant de questions

(mainly US)
[growth, development, industrialization]
accéléré (e)
→ ... the rapid-fire buying and selling of stocks ...
→ The company made a rapid-fire series of settlements with 25 States.
→ ... Japan's rapid-fire industrialization.

[way, method]

third party, fire and theft
n assurance f au tiers, vol et incendie

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