Top 5 Accident Report Samples with Templates and Examples (2023)

Top 5 Accident Report Samples with Templates and Examples (1)

Top 5 Accident Report Samples with Templates and Examples (2)

Sapna Singh

Top 5 Accident Report Samples with Templates and Examples (3)

January 25 2023

Top 5 Accident Report Samples with Templates and Examples (4)0 Comment

The world lost Princess Diana in a car accident in Paris in August 1997, along with two other people. This high-speed, terrifying crash and its aftermath continue to reverberate throughout the UK and beyond. The details of the People’s Princess’s death were extensively covered in accident reports across global media channels, each with their own claim.

Every year, approximately 1.3 million people’s lives are cut short in road mishaps, and millions more suffer non-fatal injuries. These numbers are heartbreaking, terrifying, and concerning. Accidents and disasters have plagued human history, from nuclear meltdowns and underwater oil spills to chemical explosions and mine-collapses. This unfortunate reality of our lives necessitates a system for reporting and recording accidents, incidents, injuries, near-misses, and encourage early reporting, to comprehensively understand workplace risks.

Accident reportsare critical for employers to implement preventive measures, assess the frequency and potential consequences of such occurrences, and take corrective action before any human life is lost or injured.

Check out our Risk Management Strategytemplates to help businesses develop a comprehensive framework to resolve strategic, operating, and financial breakdowns.

This blog will help your company develop methods and practices for reporting and investigating accidents. These examples will aid in providing a standardized method of dealing with workplace accidents. Use SlideTeam’s well-crafted Top 5 Accident Report Sample Templatesto conduct investigations into reported incidents and injuries based on pre-determined criteria. The aim is successful injury prevention and management.

Analyze the occurrence of risk and its impact on the project to devise mitigation strategies. Click hereto know more.

The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.

Reduce economic losses from injuries and lost productivity in your business with SlideTeam’s top-notch PPT Templates!

Template 1: Manufacturing Plant Incident Report with Accidents and Injuries PPT

Use this PPT Template to monitor safety on a manufacturing site. Prepare a report on incident details, damages, site details, and accident trendsto keep track of the accident location and the injured. This template will assist employers, emergency teams, first-responders, and others in documenting workplace injuries and accidents, near misses, property and equipment damage, health and safety issues, security breaches, and misconduct, and preparing safety plans. Employ this PowerPoint Presentation to obtain a comprehensive accident report and to establish preventive maintenance as a routine, automatic processes across your organization. Get it now!

Download this template

Template 2: NYC Accident Analytics Report Dashboard Template

Analyze key data from fatal and catastrophic accidents to raise awareness on safety measures.Use this PPT Template to present an analysis of NYC Motor Vehicle Collision data. The data on this slide gives an overview of critical data-points, including the number of collisions over time and the number of people hurt or killed, categorized by type of vehicle. This analytics dashboard improves the reporting of accident causes to ensure effective implementation of safety measures. Use the presentation to obtain a detailed report on accidents and to assess underlying trends that may explain the high number of accidents. Download now!

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Template 3: Accident Reporting Summary for Construction Site PPT

A construction incident report is required to identify risks and improve safety procedures. Use this PPT Template to describe construction accidents in detail. This one-pager is ideal for recording workplace accidents, including information on the accident location, accident evidence, injured, damages, and site details. Use this template to create a well-organized record of fatalities and major injuries to contribute to a safer environment. With this download, you can direct resources and educate employees to avoid similar mishaps.

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Template 4: One-Page Accident Civil Procedure Report PPT

Use this PPT Template to gain a quick understanding of civil procedure in the event of an accident. This is helpful in understanding the "Civil Procedure Rules," with a focus on types of damages, injured, accident evidence, witness details, and so on. This PowerPoint Presentation is ideal for training employees or the public on how to pursue an accident or injury claim. It offers a comprehensive design for summarizing one’s injuries, losses, and expenses, as well as details of compensation sought. With this download, you can create a transparent accident reporting system. Save it now!

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Template 5: Bi-fold Accident Report Template

Use this PowerPoint Template to describe a civil suit, an appeal, or other civil procedure proceedings. This bi-fold document is an excellent visual communication tool to comprehend damages, the number of injured, accident evidence and witness details. This is useful for understanding one’s rights and liabilities in civil litigation. Use this PowerPoint Presentation to establish a clear line of communication and an accident reporting system to inculcate and maintain a proactive safety culture. Get it now!

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Minimize risk while maximizing health!

An accident report contains information on any injuries, accidents, work stoppages, equipment failures, worker illnesses, or personal issues. It should be used to monitor workplace accidents to put preventive measures in place and create procedures for limiting the circumstances and behavior that lead to accidents. Use SlideTeam's PowerPoint Templates to determine why accidents occur, where they occur, and whether any trends are emerging. This will aid in finding process improvement opportunities to improve safety and productivity.

PS Check out our security incident management templates to help your organization reduce the impact of security incidents and safeguard its assets against future threats.


1. What is an accident report template?

An accident report template is a tool used to document any event in the workplace or worksite that may or may not have resulted in injury, near-misses, accidents, and property and equipment damage. It is critical for a complete account of events. This information is used to determine the root cause and implement appropriate control measures to prevent recurrence. This assists organizations in improving their safetyand security measures. A well-designed template will include key elements such as type of incident and details of person of injury, job and hazard/incident etc.

2. What is to be included in an accident report?

Accident reporting is an important aspect of organizational safety. It's a must-have tool for documenting workplace incidents and steps taken to address these. This ensures that everyone is aware of any potential hazards and that the company is taking precautions to keep its employees safe. It should include:

a) The time and date of the incident.

b) The location of the incident.

c) A succinct but comprehensive account.

d) A description of the resulting damages.

e) All parties involved, and witnesses’ names and contact information.

f) Photographs of the surrounding area and any property damage (Evidences).

g) Risk-mitigation strategies in place to avoid the type of incident.

3. How do you write an accident report?

An accident report is a written account of the events leading up to and following an accident. The goal of writing an accident report is to learn from mistakes and avoid repetition. The following is a step-by-step procedure for writing an accident report:

a) Collect relevant information, such as incident details, such as when it occurred, where it occurred, what happened, and how many people were affected.

b) Determine the sequence of events to see if there is a pattern to the problem and how to fix it.

c) Analyze the root cause to identify ways to avoid similar incidents. The analysis may also include a review of previous incidents that were similar in nature and frequency.

d) Create corrective action based on past experiences and lessons learnt.

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