MEET THE SHERIFF — Marion County Sheriff's Office (2023)

Sheriff Billy Woods

Born and raised in Marion County, Sheriff Billy Woods has devoted his life to serving his community. Prior to becoming the Sheriff of Marion County, Sheriff Woods spent over 26 years at the Ocala Police Department (OPD), holding various positions within the department. Several key positions Sheriff Woods held during his tenure at OPD include: Watch Commander, Lieutenant, Special Operations Supervisor, Traffic Homicide Investigator, and Undercover Officer for the Drug Task Force as well as many other positions. During Sheriff Woods’ years of service, he received multiple commendations and was also a Medal of Valor and Medal of Distinction recipient.

Sheriff Woods is a board member of various organizations. At this time, he is the Chair of the Florida Sheriff’s Association and a board member of the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch. Sheriff Woods is also a Commissioner for the Commission of Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation and a past Chair for Marion Senior Services. He is also the past president of the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute Associates (FCJEIA).

Sheriff Woods holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration/Business Management from Columbia Southern University. He has also attended the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Executive Senior Leadership Program and was the Class President of the Leadership of Ocala/Marion Class XXVII.

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