Marion County Jail (2023)

CommanderTad Larsonoversees the Marion County Jail, maintaining our correctional operations at levels that meet or exceed the highest state and Federal standards. Community safety and providing for the health and well-being of those in our charge are our top priorities.We take great pride in the job that we do for you, the citizens of Marion County. For the families and friends of those in our care,we have attempted to answer the most frequently asked questions below.

Who is in custody?

(Video) Security concerns at new Marion County jail

Get bail information

Send mail to an Adult in Custody

(Video) Marion County sheriff address concerns at new detention center

Send money to an Adult in Custody

Get phone information

(Video) Brazen move to get contraband into Marion County Jail

See the visiting schedule and policy

Find out about an Adult in Custody's property

(Video) Security concerns raised after near riot and ambush at new Marion County Adult Detention Center

Sign up for V.I.N.E

(Video) Inside look at the new Marion County justice center


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