CubeSmart Self Storage - Nashville - 1202 Antioch Pike - Fenced and lighted (2023)

Terry Dec 20, 2021


Nice facility easy process.........

Recommended: Yes

Kevin Rush May 11, 2021

Quick and easy

It made my day I was searching all day for a storage unit. Wish I would have gone to them first.

Recommended: Yes

Thomas towe Feb 01, 2021

Nice storage facility

The online rental agreement was nice although I was not able to deny the lock that you all can supply. And was not really wanting to have insurance on the stuff I am storing but was forced to with the online deal.

Recommended: No

Sam May 13, 2020

Easy, clean and safe!

Great staff, explained everything, very easy and a good price

Recommended: Yes

Ngodoo Feb 17, 2020

Karen was very nice and very helpful.

Karen was very nice and very compassionate about the situation that I was in. She helped me find the perfect unit and was helpful in buying the things we needed to store our bed and other things.

Recommended: Yes

Justen Jan 16, 2020

Solid place

Clean, quick service and great pricing. Convent access hours & secure gate.

Recommended: Yes

Degaye Dec 24, 2019

Very nice

Have no problems. I have been in and out several times and everything is good. Thanks

Recommended: Yes

Degaye Dec 24, 2019

Very nice and clean place.

I have been in and out several times loading and unloading as this is for Flea market stuff. Never had any problems. Thanks

Recommended: Yes

michael Jul 27, 2019

Professional and friendly

Everything was easy, clean, professional, and friendly.

Recommended: Yes

Artesha Gordon Jul 24, 2019


Very helpful workers , made sure I understood everything .

Recommended: Yes

Kyra Jun 05, 2019

Oudated but Sufficient!

The CubeSmart on Antioch Pike is probably the closest you can get to downtown at a reasonable price. It's old, walls are patched up, rafters are coming undone, but it gets the job done for me! My registration was canceled from SpareFoot, but they reinstated it and still honored the online discount. The unit has some bugs and a little bit of flooding around the door when it rains hard, but these are things I'm willing to work with. You get what you pay for, and I can handle this balance.

Recommended: Yes

Zachary Apr 21, 2019

CubeSmart Storage Antioch Pike

The managing team at CubeSmart was very helpful and understanding of special circumstances and I am also thrilled about the cheap price.

Recommended: Yes

Rachel Brown Jan 11, 2019

Very friendly and helpful!

Staff was very friendly. Supplies available to help my move as seamless as possible.

Recommended: Yes

Arthur Aug 23, 2018


perfect .........111111111111111

Recommended: Yes

Robyn Jun 03, 2018


Easily the cheapest facility I was able to find in town. The ladies in the office were super friendly and helpful. This is an older facility, but the units are bing retrofitted with new doors and everything looked pretty clean and neat. Only complaint was there seem to be a LOT of pot holes that were were able to get around easily in the golf cart but I don’t know how easy it will be in a car or truck. Oh! And the truck they have up front advertising free use when youRent from their facility doesn’t run. That kind of sucked. I was excited by the prospect when I saw it.

Recommended: Yes

Stacey May 08, 2018

Good experience moving in

Great experience. I would use again

Recommended: Yes

Roger Love May 02, 2018

Awesome facility and staff.

The staff was friendly and helpful. The facility is clean, safe, secure and fairly priced.

Recommended: Yes

Ashley Jan 25, 2018

Great customer service!

From the time I called to the time I signed my lease, Karen was extremely helpful. Not only this but she was very nice and accommodating. I am so glad I found this place! Would highly recommend this place. Great location. Great customer service. Great prices.

Recommended: Yes

Terri Jul 04, 2017

Easy online order

Customer service is great at this location. Very helpful.

Recommended: Yes

David Schumaker Jun 09, 2017

Great experience!, Staff was extremely helpful and friendly!

Recommend facility highly. Sparefoot was very helpful in getting best prices in area quickly....saved a ton of time with so many options to go through.

Recommended: Yes

Erin May 28, 2017

Great customer service

This facility had the best pricing, and the customer service was fantastic. Very friendly and very thorough.

Recommended: Yes

Alyssa Apr 24, 2017

Kind staff, great price

The place offers very cheap options and special discounts at times. Very friendly and welcoming staff!

Recommended: Yes

Nakeya Aug 05, 2016

its a clean place

management is very friendly and knowledgable

Recommended: Yes

Terrence Calvert Jul 31, 2016


Great, KB was awesome, she was very nice and went above and beyond

Recommended: Yes

Valerie May 16, 2016

Great rates, great service!

We were greeted with a warm smile and we're treated with the ultimate amount of respect. Everything was explained so well, we had no questions to ask. What a wonderful experience, what a great facility!

Recommended: Yes

gil Mar 21, 2016

Great experience

Brandon has been really great to deal with. Very informative. The available truck is also a GREAT benefit. I've been extremely satisfied with everything so far.

Recommended: Yes

brian Mar 18, 2016

Good experience

Recommended: Yes

Wesley Mar 09, 2016

I loved the staff at this CubeSmart in Antioch. They were friendly, professional and efficient. The cube is a 10x10...they moved me up to a larger cube because the 5x10 I reserved wasn't large enough. The monthly rent is every bit of what the market will pay, but they did give me a 10% discount plus the 1st month free. The facility is clean, organized and secure, including a manager who lives on the property. I do not regret my decision to park my stuff here for a while. I would make the same choice again.

Recommended: Yes

Anne Jan 02, 2016

Quick, easy and done

These folks were so polite on the phone and in person. They made my experience moving items from state to state that much easier.

Recommended: Yes

Joanne Jan 01, 2016

The staff was great very nice and helpful

The locker was clean and as advertised , it was More expensive than what I had previously paid for a larger unit at a different facility , but I had to move.

Recommended: Yes

ingrid Dec 27, 2015

Only downside location,traffic congestion during certain times of day

I was very impressed with the customer service. I made an online reservation and was not able to check in that day. I finally checked in two or three days later 10 minutes till closing time. The staff was awesome.I was frazzled from trying to move and work at the same time. The office manager and office consultant were very pleasant and thorough, taking time to explain the process and policies and if I had any issues to let them know. I am sure they wanted to leave on time,but they were nothing but professional.

Recommended: Yes

Emily Dec 16, 2015

Well kept facility with very nice manager

This facility was easy to reserve, gives good discounts, and the manager was one-on-one and helpful with us for moving in.

Recommended: Yes

richard Nov 09, 2015


No working light in unit. I took new bulb and still didnt work. Lights on outside of business flash all the time at night

Recommended: Yes

Shakira Oct 27, 2015

Excellent customer service!

Nice amount of space for the price and the customer service here is the best I've ever experienced!

Recommended: Yes

Jessica Jul 19, 2015

Easy check in

No major issues. Just wish they'd swept out the unit prior to my move in.

Recommended: Yes

WILLIAM Feb 11, 2015

Recommended: Yes

Anitia Valdary Dec 30, 2014

Quick fast service

Nice personnel-did a reservation and service went fairly quick

Recommended: Yes

Clarissa Jul 17, 2014

Recommended: Yes

Vicky Jul 04, 2014

I received excellent service and the manager was patient. I forgot my insurance information and had to go back home but the manager was very patient with me when I returned with the information.He took his time to explain every step and procedure.

Recommended: Yes

Taundra Windham Jul 02, 2014

Great check-in experience

Staff was very friendly and demonstrated great customer service. They provided detailed instructions regarding the storage facility and participant expectations. An overall very nice check-in experience.

Recommended: Yes

Matt May 25, 2014

Very helpful

All of the employees were very helpful and friendly. Paperwork was quick and easy and they explained everything to me.

Recommended: Yes

Nicole May 19, 2014

Recommended: Yes

JC May 18, 2014

Recommended: Yes

Mark Apr 08, 2014

Cheapest in town

Switched from another storage company in town simply based on price. Very pleased with the location and service. Best rates in town.

Recommended: Yes

Craig Mar 06, 2014

Very happy with my experience, though I thought the online special said free move-in which I thought waived the initial $25 fee. But it did not.

Recommended: Yes

Lachandra Jan 28, 2014

It was great! Fast and easy great customer service!

Recommended: Yes

Earl Jan 22, 2014

Good experience, first month free is a big help with all of the other expenses in moving

Recommended: Yes

Lora Dec 31, 2013

Quick and easy. Ok price for small unit.

Recommended: Yes

Annmarie Dec 18, 2013

Recommended: Yes

Michel Oct 29, 2013

Recommended: Yes

Paige Oct 29, 2013

So far my experience with CubeSmart has been GREAT!!! The customer service is wonderful, this is why I chose this facility.

Recommended: Yes

Gradi Jun 25, 2013

I just moved in about a week ago so everything is great so far. It is far from where I currently live but I chose this facility because of the price value and so far I have been very pleased.

Recommended: Yes

Lauren Jun 06, 2013

Recommended: Yes

Brandon May 28, 2013

Recommended: Yes

Erin Apr 30, 2013

quick and easy

Recommended: Yes

Gregory Mar 28, 2013

The attendant was very helpful. He answered all my questions. I was able to complete the checking process in a very short time.

Recommended: Yes

Doyle Mar 27, 2013

Great help Good nice clean facility

Recommended: Yes

Marvin Feb 27, 2013

Very helpful and reliable at a very great price

Recommended: Yes

Charlene Mcroberts Feb 02, 2012

very well kept storage place , and very friendly lady(Ms johnson) who worked at the counter was very helpful in telling me exactly what size of storage room we would need, because i truly wasn't sure.The price is very fair and reasonable and the area was close to home for my husband and I.we are definatly pleased!

Recommended: Yes

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