8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (2023)

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Canines are notorious for answering the call of nature in the most inappropriate places (the flower garden, live fence, yard, wall, your neighbor’s lawn, etc.).

If you have a dog, you are familiar with the challenge of having them pee in the right spot.

A fire hydrant is a great tool to train your canine buddy to direct his urine in the right place.

Plus, it can double up as a storage container for his toys among other benefits.

Unlike real fire hydrants that are heavy and often fixed, artificial fire hydrants for dogs are light, portable, and designed for backyard use.

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  1. Why Should You InvestIn Fire Hydrant For Dogs?
  2. 8 Best Fire Hydrantsfor Dogs
    1. 1.Design Toscano DC122012 Dog Fire Hydrant Statue
    2. 2. Mayrich Dog Fire Hydrant Yard Resin Statue
    3. 3. Turtle King Corp Dog Fire Hydrant
    4. 4. LULIND – Dog Fire Hydrant
    5. 5. Ornerx Resin Dog Fire Hydrant Statue
    6. 6. Hueter Toledo Replica Dog Fire Hydrant
    7. 7. Collectible Badges Metal Dog Fire Hydrant
    8. 8. Pine Ridge Lawn Fire Hydrant for Dogs
  3. Installing FireHydrants for Dogs
  4. How to Choose theBest Yard Fire Hydrant for Dogs
  5. How to Train Your Dog to Use a Fire Hydrant
  6. Conclusion

Why Should You InvestIn Fire Hydrant For Dogs?

Dogs love peeing on upright objects such as trees, plants, garbage cans, walls, and car tires among others.

So, what can you do when your dog prefers to pee on the wrong object in your yard or home?

Since peeing on objects is a natural behavior of dogs, the best thing to do is to train him to pee on an item that can appeal to his needs—and that’s where fire hydrants for dogs come in.

An artificial fire hydrant can be used to divert your dog’s peeing behavior into a specific area of your choosing.

But why artificial or fake fire hydrants?

Well, in urban areas, many dogs prefer to do their business on real fire hydrants.

According to canine experts, dogs probably love the dyes or components of the paints used in these fire hydrants—the paints perhaps smell like dog urine to a certain extent.

Dogs are also attracted to the bright colors of real fire hydrants.

See, most municipal fire hydrants are painted in red and yellow colors.

And dog lovers believe that these colors stand out to dogs (especially against dull environments like some city buildings, walkways, and parks), making these canines gravitate towards eliminating on them.

Again, since time immemorial, the most desirable places for dogs to urinate have been vertical objects and surfaces like poles and trees.

Vertical objects give dogs the opportunity to aim their pees higher, which allow their urine scents to go higher into the air to be picked up by more dogs.

Being upright and conspicuous, fire hydrants make perfect spots for dogs to announce to other dogs that they’ve been there and that’s part of their territory.

Dogs also find municipal fire hydrants appealing because they are smooth and free from thorns, twigs, or sharp leaves that may bruise them when they are aiming their pee high.

Lastly, dogs could also be choosing to pee on city fire hydrants because they are the spots where other dogs have peed on before.

Because of all these factors, a fake fire hydrant is likely to be irresistible for your dog to soak down.

Another key reason why you should invest in an artificial fire hydrant for your dog is to protect your lawn.


Dog’s urine can destroy your picturesque patio space or lawn if left uncontrolled.

  • It can kill and scald your grass, resulting in unsightly brown spots.
  • It could also kill your garden flowers and ornamental shrubs.

A simple way to deal with your dog’s peeing behavior and protect your yard is to divert your pooch’s attention with a dog fire hydrant or a dog pee post.

Finally, you can use fire hydrants for decoration purposes.

If you have a grooming business, dog care center, or any dog-related business, you can install a dog park fire hydrant as a piece of décor.

Some fire hydrants also come with storage spaces, so if you install such options indoors, you can keep your dog’s leashes, toys, treats, and other supplies in them.

8 Best Fire Hydrantsfor Dogs

The market is awash with myriad fire hydrants. And shopping for the right one can be quite a task.

Fortunately, we have done the homework for you.

Here’s a list of the best dog fire hydrants for dogs to pee on.

1.Design Toscano DC122012 Dog Fire Hydrant Statue

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (1)

The classic red fire hydrant from Design Toscano is one of the leading products in the market in its category.

It is made from metal to ensure durability.

Despite the metal construction, the statue is lightweight (weighs only four pounds) and makes it a great place for your pup to pee.

You can use it as a pee station for your pup or as a cute storage container for his essentials.

The best part about this hydrant is that it is hand-painted and portable.

It can be moved from the garden to the lawn and back to the garden.

This model has dimensions of 23.03 x 11.42 x 9.45 inches for the bigger version.

If you have a small dog breed, you can order the smaller version.

2. Mayrich Dog Fire Hydrant Yard Resin Statue

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (2)

The Mayrich is a small but well-made fire hydrant.

It features an interesting design that will catch the attention of your dog from the onset.

It comes with a flat foundation for stability and all the details included in an actual fire hydrant.

Made with resin, the statue is very tough and detail-oriented.

With its ability to be used both indoors and outdoors, this product is very functional, trendy, and convenient.

It is reasonably lightweight and makes for a great addition to your garden, lawn, or backyard.

3. Turtle King Corp Dog Fire Hydrant

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (3)

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Measuring 14 x 7.75 x 7 inches, this miniature dog hydrant is perfect for training dogs to pee.

It is made of polyresin for longevity and has the classic yet edgy appearance of a fire hydrant.

The colors are bold and realistic to give your dog an easy experience adapting to it.

The statue is lightweight and has a wider base to keep it strong against winds and storms.

You can place it where your dog pees the most—flower pots, rain barrels, bushes, you name it.

4. LULIND – Dog Fire Hydrant

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (4)

Looking for a top paw potty time fire hydrant to potty train your puppies?

This hand-painted, bright red model by LULIND is worth your consideration.

It is a perfect size (14 inches tall) and comes with two plastic stakes that help it to stay put on the ground.

This can be beneficial if you have an extremely curious canine.

The resin construction and the sun-resistant paint make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

5. Ornerx Resin Dog Fire Hydrant Statue

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (5)

If you have a Chihuahua, Yorkie, or any other small dog breed, this is the ideal fire hydrant for you.

Standing at only six inches tall, it is not overpowering to tiny pets. Plus, it is super light.

The body is made of resin while the chains are metal.

Dogs that are extremely energetic will find it easy to drag the hydrant all over the place.

If yours fits the description, you might want to add some sand or any other substance to weigh it down.

Else, it is a great pee spot for your small pet.

6. JHP Dog Fire Hydrant

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (6)
8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (7)

If you are looking for a fire replica that can help you protect your lawn from ugly patches caused by your dog’s pee, this fake hydrant from JHP is what you need.

The statue stands at a height of 14 inches and is meticulously designed with a durable resin featuring a beautiful red and white finish.

It is light (weighs only 3.5 lbs) and comes with 4 plastic anchors for installing it on the ground.

This can save you from the hassle of having to reposition it from time to time, especially if you own an enthusiastic dog.

7. Collectible Badges Metal Dog Fire Hydrant

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (8)

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This all-metal fire hydrant from the Collectible Badges is a cute and long-lasting model.

Weighing only 3.15 pounds and measuring 18.9 x 8.7 x 6 inches, it is an ideal hydrant for small dogs.

Not only will it be useful as a pee station for your pup but it will also look good sitting on your yard or patio.

The only disadvantage with it is that it is a tad too light. An enthusiastic dog will knock it down with relative ease.

If you have a super curious pet, you might want to figure out a way to increase its weight.

8. Pine Ridge Lawn Fire Hydrant for Dogs

8 Best Fire Hydrants for Dogs to Pee On - Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (9)

The Pine Ridge Fire Hydrant is a little appealing statue that’s mainly used outdoors as a potty training tool.

It is a stylish fake replica of a real fire hydrant with all the metallic bolts and nuts.

Made with sturdy polyester resin material, the statue is impressively durable.

If for nothing else, this beautiful design makes for a great gift for a firefighter.

You can also buy it as a decorative element for your garden.

Otherwise, it is a good tool to train male dogs to pee.

Installing FireHydrants for Dogs

To get the most out of a dog fire hydrant, you should choose a place to install it carefully.

Here are a few factors you need to keep in mind:

  • Install it in a spot with good drainage to avoid potential messes, especially when it rains. Alternatively, put artificial grass with drainage holes on the spot. Artificial grass doesn’t require any cutting and can be easily cleaned with a hose.
  • Place it on the edges or far corners of your yard to prevent potential nitrogen burns on your flowers and grass. It will also lower your chances of steeping on your dog’s mess because he is likely to poop in the surrounding areas.
  • For easy waste disposal, install the hydrant as close to your garbage can as possible.
  • To ensure that your dog’s fire hydrant last as long as possible, consider adding a protective layer or paint like Rust-Oleum, especially if it doesn’t come with a special coating.

How to Choose theBest Yard Fire Hydrant for Dogs

Although dogs love to pee on fire hydrants, they tend to be picky when it comes to specifics.

Like other dog accessories, dog fire hydrants come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit different types of dogs.

So, the best hydrant to get for your dog really boils down to you and your dog’s preferences.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

I. Construction Material

Most common fire hydrants are made from metals, plastic, and resin.

Plastic hydrants are cheap, lightweight, and recommended for dog owners who are looking for something basic.

Resin options are durable, can be hand-painted, and sometimes feature a distressed finish, giving them a rustic look.

On the other hand, metal hydrants are sturdier, heavy, might feature a distressed finish, and may cost more.

II. Size

Hydrants range from miniature sizes to larger options—some can even be bigger than real hydrants.

Choose something that will suit the size of your dog.

If you have a large breed, go for bigger hydrants and vice versa.

If your dog is still a puppy, consider how big he will be when he’s fully grown and choose accordingly.

If you have a female dog, any size will do because she will be peeing near it—not on it.

III. Colors

Although the vast majority of dog fire hydrants are classic red, other colors like green, blue, and yellow are also available.

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Go for something that will suit your dog and yard.

IV. Hollow Space for Storage

Hydrants that come with hollow storage spaces are convenient for keeping toys, treats, leashes, poop bags, and other doggy supplies.

You can also fill them with sand or gravel to boost their stability, especially if you live in windy regions.

V. Outdoor or Indoor Usage

How you plan to use the fire hydrant may also determine the type that you opt for.

If you plan to install it outdoors—perhaps to discourage your pup from marking things inside your house—then it is prudent to choose heavy-duty options that can withstand weather elements.

On the flip side, if you are looking for a fire hydrant for your puppy—probably to encourage him to peer on his new pee pads—then a small or medium-sized, lightweight option will suffice.

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Fire Hydrant

Because it is natural for dogs to mark their territories, most dogs will start peeing on the new fire hydrant almost immediately after you put it in your yard.

And once they have marked it, they will make it a routine to soak down at that particular spot on a daily basis.

However, there are a few dogs that may be hesitant to use the new toy.

If this happens to be your pooch, consider training him until he gets used to the hydrant.

You can start by putting a fire hydrant pee pad for dogs, an artificial grass pad, or a puppy pad indoors to help him associate such items with toilet spots.

Over time, you can take the items outdoors when it is time for your dog to pee.

Eventually, you can remove the pads so that your dog can only use the hydrant.

Spraying a potty training attractant on the hydrant can also help.

For a homemade solution, soak up your dog’s urine and rub it on the hydrant.


Dogs pee to relieve themselves but most importantly to mark territory.

This is why they love urinating on trees, the garden, the backyard, and the front porch.

A dog fire hydrant pee post is a safe pee post for potty training your dog.

It is also hollow enough to act as a portable storage container for a plethora of things.

But if your dog’s urination is only part of the problem, consult your vet so that additional tests can be done.

Bladder issues in dogs, for instance, might cause incontinence issues in dogs.

You should also consider taking your dog to the vet when he is licking his sensitive body parts more than he usually does.

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Sable M. is a canine chef, professional pet blogger, and proud owner of two male dogs. I have been an animal lover all my life, with dogs holding a special place in my heart. Initially, I created this blog to share recipes, tips, and any relevant information on healthy homemade dog treats. But because of my unrelenting passion to make a difference in the world of dogs, I have expanded the blog’s scope to include the best information and recommendations about everything dog lovers need to know about their canine friends’ health and wellbeing. My mission now is to find the most helpful content on anything related to dogs and share it with fellow hardworking hound lovers. While everything I share is in line with the latest evidence-based veterinarian health guidelines, nothing should be construed as veterinary advice. Please contact your vet in all matters regarding your Fido’s health.

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Do dog fire hydrants work? ›

Fire hydrants might seem like the preferred bathroom spots for dogs in cartoons, but those stories do actually have some truth to them. Dogs love to pee on fire hydrants, so buying a fake fire hydrant for dogs could help you potty train them and give them a feeling of comfort in their own yard.

What smell makes dogs pee? ›

The pheromones in dog urine are part of a complex system dogs use to communicate. Pheromones teach dogs boundaries and respectable places to urinate; however, once a dog has had an accident in the house, smelling those pheromones may encourage your dog to urinate again in the same spot.

Do dogs like to pee on fire hydrants? ›

So what is it about the fire hydrants that gets your dog all excited? Turns out, it could actually be the dyes inside of the paint used for most municipal hydrants. A lot of veterinarians have suggested that something in the scent actually smells "sweet" to your canine, and replicates canine urine to a certain degree.

What are the best trees for dogs to pee on? ›

Burkwoods Osmanthus – Osmanthus Burkwoodii is a tough evergreen shrub that can be grown into a small tree if desired. It takes sun or part sun, has fragrant flowers and can handle abuse, including dog pee.

What happens if I do fire hydrants everyday? ›

When done regularly, fire hydrants can sculpt your glutes, improve back pain, and lower the risk for injury.

What smell do dogs hate? ›

Citrus scents top the list of smells your dog probably hates. The scent of lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits is strong and unpleasant for your dog. For this reason, you can use citrus scents as a dog repellant in off-limits parts of the house. Their noses are irritated by the strength of citrus.

Should you rub a dog's nose in pee? ›

Never rub a dog's nose in urine or feces, or punish a dog for an “accident.” This will teach your dog to fear you, and he may hide when he has to “go.” It is not instinctive for dogs to relieve themselves outside; it is only natural for them to not go where they sleep.

How do you punish a dog for peeing in the house? ›

Don't punish your puppy for eliminating in the house. If you find a soiled area, just clean it up. Rubbing your puppy's nose in it, taking them to the spot and scolding them or any other punishment will only make them afraid of you or afraid to eliminate in your presence. Punishment will do more harm than good.

What do dogs like peeing on? ›

Dogs prefer to pee on things that are vertical, like poles, fire hydrants, and tire wheels. When dogs pee on a vertical object, they're putting their mark at nose level, which is much better than the ground. Leaving their mark this way communicates many things, but also how big the dog is.

What surface do dogs like to pee on? ›

Grass. Grass is the easiest and possibly the cheapest ground cover for a doggy potty area.

How do you signal a dog to pee? ›

Give him no attention as you pace quietly back and forth by the pee spot. When he squats or lifts his leg wait, for him to finish. As he's finishing happily say your cue word “GO POTTY!” When he is done, give a marker (a verbal “Yes!” or the click of a clicker), then lavish him with praise and something really yummy.

Can you have a fake fire hydrant? ›

It is completely illegal to have in your possession and active colored hydrant ie: red on your property as a lawn ornament!

Can I draw water from a fire hydrant? ›

Can I use water from a fire hydrant? No, you should not try to use water from a fire hydrant.

What is best material for dog pee? ›

We started out by doing a lot of research online to find out what the best material would be to use, and pea gravel kept coming up as a great choice. Pea gravel consists of smooth, round pebbles that are comfortable for dogs to walk on.

What scents will dogs not pee on? ›

The Top 5 Smells Dogs Hate to Pee On
  • Citrus. The citrus smell is arguably the best dog repellent there is. ...
  • Vinegar. Just like citrus, dogs cannot stand the smell of vinegar. ...
  • Chili. Hot chili is a popular dog repellent. ...
  • Alcohol. Dogs hate the smell of alcohol. ...
  • Coffee Grounds.

Is Pine Sol good for dog urine? ›

If you have trouble with your dog or cat peeing in the house, Pine Sol is a good way to stop the behavior in its tracks. Just clean the area that they sprayed with diluted Pine Sol and water. Unlike many household cleaners, it doesn't contain ammonia.

What do fire hydrant colors mean? ›

The tops of hydrants are painted in colors to indicate how much flow they can produce in gallons per minute (gpm). Blue – over 1,500 gallons per minute (gpm) Green – 1000 to 1,499 gpm. Orange – 500 to 999 gpm. Red – less than 500 gpm.

How dirty is fire hydrant water? ›

Fire hydrants are connected to the drinking water distribution system which means that the water that comes out of the hydrants to be used to fight fires is the same high quality treated water that comes out of your faucet at home.

What taste do dogs absolutely hate? ›

At the top of the list? Citrus. Most dogs can't stand the taste and smell of oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. Here's why — plus, how to use their dislike of citrus to your advantage.

What smell do dogs love the most? ›

The methodology of observing the dogs freely exploring the experimental area allowed us to determine the smells that were the most attractive to them (food, beaver clothing). Our study shows that dogs interacted more frequently with the scents of blueberries, blackberries, mint, rose, lavender, and linalol.

What smells are calming for dogs? ›

Because barking and excessive activity are typically signs of stress in shelter dogs — not to mention being undesirable behaviors in the eyes of many adopters — the study concluded that exposure to the odors of vanilla, coconut, valerian, and ginger has the potential to reduce stress in shelter dogs.

Do dogs guard you when you pee? ›

They're standing guard

Your dog knows this – and they worry about you when you pee. If you've had your pooch for a while, they've probably deduced what you do in the bathroom. By accompanying you to the toilet, they may believe they're standing watch for you during a moment of exposure.

Should I watch my dog pee? ›

You should always err on the side of caution if you see your dog straining to pee and bring them for immediate veterinary evaluation. Even if they're not “blocked,” your dog will be happy that you had them checked to be sure.

Do dogs feel guilty after peeing in the house? ›

So, while they can associate your reaction with the pee or item being in the room, they don't associate your reaction with the actual act of peeing or destroying said item. In other words, dogs don't feel guilt, they just know you are angry at them and they are feeling scared or anxious about it.

How do you train a dog to stop peeing? ›

  1. Start Tracking Your Dog's Behavior.
  2. Use Positive Reinforcement.
  3. Keep Your Dog in the Room With You.
  4. Confine Your Dog When You're Not Home.
  5. Treat a Puppy Differently Than a Senior Dog.
  6. Determine if Anxiety is the Real Issue.
  7. Get Your Dog Spayed or Neutered.
  8. Rule Out a Medical Condition.
Dec 15, 2021

What age do dogs stop peeing in the house? ›

Puppies generally have full bladder control between 4 and 6 months of age. This means that there is light at the end of the tunnel—with a little patience, you can teach a puppy to stop peeing in the house.

Why do dogs follow you to pee? ›

“The main reason dogs follow us to the bathroom is because they like to be where we are,” Dr. Coppola explains. “Dogs are obligate social animals, which means socialization is a genuinely natural behavior for them. This is part of what makes them such fantastically loyal companions.”

Do dogs fear pee? ›

Your dog may be fearfully urinating if:

Urination occurs when he's being scolded. Urination occurs when he's being greeted. Urination occurs when someone approaches him. He is a somewhat shy, anxious or timid dog (doesn't settle down or is easily scared).

Do dogs recognize their pee? ›

Alexandra Horowitz, a psychologist at Barnard College who studies the behavior of dogs and has written several books about them, decided to give dogs a chance at showing self-recognition on their own, smelly terms. In a recent study, she concludes that they do recognize the smell of their own urine.

How do I train my dog to tell me he needs to go outside? ›

Approach the door and cue your dog to touch the bell with your command word. When they do, react with excitement, open the door, and take them outside. With enough repetition, your dog will learn that you will open the door and take them out whenever they ring the bell.

How much does a real fire hydrant cost? ›

Fire hydrants cost an average of $850 to $1,250. You may pay more, depending on the classification of the hydrant and whether you're purchasing a hydrant through a third party or directly.

What is the difference between a red fire hydrant and a yellow fire hydrant? ›

Red indicates a water-flow capacity of fewer than 500 gallons per minute (GPM). Orange indicates a water-flow capacity of 500 to 999 GPM. Green indicates a water-flow capacity of 1,000 to 1,499 GPM. Blue indicates a water-flow capacity of 1,500 or greater GPM.

Are all fire hydrants the same? ›

What do fire hydrant colors mean? Certain colors are meant for different types of fires. Each color represents a different GPM or Gallons Per Minute. Higher GPMs are meant for larger fires.

How do I find the nearest fire hydrant? ›

This growing database contains more than 3.2 Million hydrant locations across 625 cities, states, counties and water districts across the United States. The data is available via HazardHub's fast and powerful data API, as well as via the “Find My Closest Hydrant” tool at www.hazardhub.com.

What do the numbers on fire hydrants mean? ›

The two numbers on the sign indicate the size of the water main (top number) and the distance from the sign (lower number). Modern signs show these measurements in millimetres and metres, whereas older signs use inches and feet.

Why are there no fire hydrants in London? ›

Fire Hydrants are a common sight in the US; they are usually so brightly painted that you could hardly miss them! But they are not so commonly recognised in the UK because they are most often located underground.

What is a super hydrant? ›

Super fire hydrant - shall consist of two 2 ½ inch outlets and one 4-inch outlet, wet barrel. Public fire hydrant - a valve connection on a water supply system having one or more outlets and that is used to supply hose and fire department pumpers with water.

Which way should a fire hydrant face? ›

All fire hydrants shall be installed with the pumper port facing the nearest street, unless the Fire Chief designates a different direction as a more likely route of fire truck approach or location for pumping. F.

How effective are fire hydrants exercise? ›

6 fire hydrant benefits
  1. Improves hip mobility.
  2. Improves lower back stability.
  3. Engages hard to reach muscles.
  4. Warms up the hips.
  5. Activates glute muscles.
  6. Improves joint health.
Sep 28, 2021

Do firefighters actually use dogs? ›

The end of the era for Dalmatians as a coaching dogs for fire departments became about with the advent and introduction of motorized cars and fire engines. However, they are still on duty in many fire stations today acting as companions to the firefighters and as watchdogs' protection the equipment!

Do dogs naturally lift their leg to pee? ›

All canines use urine to mark their territory, but some do it more than others. All male dogs, big and small, raise their leg to pee or scent-mark much more frequently in the fall than in the summer, likely because it is mating season.

Why do dogs like fire hydrants so much? ›

Fire hydrant peeing is a classic dog behavior often highlighted in cartoons and comics. While there may be a few reasons why dogs pee on fire hydrants, the main reason is territory marking, or urine marking as it's also called.

How far down does a fire hydrant go? ›

1 Constructed of steel not less than 4 inches (102 mm) in diameter and concrete filled. 3 Set not less than 3 feet (914 mm) deep in a concrete footing of not less than a 15-inch (381 mm) diameter. 4 Set with the top of the posts not less than 3 feet (914 mm) above ground.

What is the best firefighter dog? ›

By a landslide, the most famous fire dog breed is the Dalmatian. That's because these spotted beauties have a long legacy with the fire department. They started as carriage dogs and stable dogs in the 1700s, and were being used as carriage dogs by the FDNY as early as the 1870s.

What are firemen dogs called? ›

Firedogs do still serve a purpose in firehouses, but it's a far cry from horse-babysitters and makeshift sirens. The dogs are meant to keep the firefighters cheerful and excited after long, difficult days, and in some places, help teach fire safety.

What dog breeds are best for firefighters? ›

Bloodhound are the most well-known tracking dogs, but Labradors, German Shepherds, and other working dog breeds often perform the job well.

Why do dogs lick you? ›

Licking is a natural and instinctive behaviour to dogs. For them it's a way of grooming, bonding, and expressing themselves. Your dog may lick you to say they love you, to get your attention, to help soothe themselves if they're stressed, to show empathy or because you taste good to them!

Can two male dogs mate? ›

Male dogs have homosexual sex under a variety of circumstances. They mount each other in dominance displays, and that mounting can involve anal penetration.

Why did my dog pee on me? ›

It's an instinctual, physical response called submissive urination, and it's normal in young dogs. Submissive urination typically happens whenever a dog feels excited, shy, anxious, or scared. It also happens when a dog wants to acknowledge another's dominance — like recognizing you as their owner.

How do dogs choose where to pee? ›

Both male and female dogs scent mark, but the behavior is more pervasive in males. Dogs who are marking preferentially urinate on vertical surfaces. If they urinate high up on that surface, the urine can flow downward covering a greater area, which leaves a stronger message to anyone who subsequently passes by.

What do dogs pee on? ›

Urine-marking, on the other hand, is a territorial behavior. Your dog feels the need to assert his dominance or ease his anxiety by laying out his boundaries. He does this by depositing small amounts of urine on anything he feels belongs to him—the furniture, the walls, your socks, etc.


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