10 Best Fireproof Safe Boxes For Documents In 2022 (2023)

Safe boxes keep your precious belongings locked and protected from theft. But, an unprecedented fire could cause irreversible damage, damaging the box. So, we have compiled a list of the best fire-safe boxes to protect your belongings during accidental fires. Fire-safe boxes are made of fire-proof materials to withstand extreme heat and fire. Unlike standard boxes, these fire-safe options give you some time to save your valuables and last long.However, you should check a few parameters before choosing the right box. So, go through our listed products and features to choose a box that best fits your requirements.

10 Best Fireproof Safes For Documents


Dimensions: 13.8×13×19.7in Weight: 55lb Capacity: 8ft3


Lightweight design Easy to operate Gauged steel door and body for security Pre-drilled holes for mounting


May not be waterproof Small safe

2. Best Dual-Lock Mechanism:Sentry Safe Fireproof And Waterproof

SentrySafe has a large storage capacity to hold a significant number of valuables and paper documents. It is available in dial combination and digital keypad models. You will also receive an extra key for additional security.It is guaranteed to keep your valuables safe in temperatures of 1,700°F for an hour. It also includes an interior light to help you see better and access the contents. The waterproof seal will hold the valuables dry for up to 24 hours at an eight-inch water level. Learn more about the product in this video.Specifications

Dimensions: 3×16.3×17.8in Weight: 7lb Capacity: 23ft3


Two locking mechanisms for safety Sturdy steel build withstands a 15ft fall Waterproof Pry-resistant hinge bar prevents forced entries


Requires batteries to function Safe is relatively heavy

3. Best Scratch-Resistant:MMF Industries Jumbo Steel Security Chest

The fire-resistant steel chest is portable and has double-insulated walls for protection. Its large space is ideal for preserving most paper documents from house fires. Though this safe provides low heat resistance, it serves its purpose well by offering protection against fire up to 750°F for a maximum time of 15min.Specifications

Dimensions: 38×11×4.13in Weight: 1lb


Lightweight and portable design Two handles for convenience Scratch- and chip-resistant finish Includes two keys for safety


May not offer protection from water Does not include a warranty

4. Best Double-Steel Wall Construction:First Alert Steel Security Box

The First Alert Security Box provides the best fire resistance and saves your documents in case of unfortunate fires. The thick lid and sidewalls can withstand high temperatures and protect your important paper documents, cash, and other precious items during a house fire. Its small size and built-in handles offer portability. It is fire-resistant for half an hour up to 1,550°F.Specifications

Dimensions: 5×12.69×4in Weight: 4.6lb Capacity: 0.15ft3


Includes two keys or security Double-steel wall for fire protection Protective floor mat prevents scratches Lightweight Seven-compartment safe can also be used as a cash tray


Has limited space Only has a key-locking system for security

5. Best For Portability:Honeywell Safes And Door Locks

This small safe is easy to carry and is ideal for small items such as jewelry, paper documents, birth certificates, and cash. A digital lock ensures safety while it can also be operated with backup keys in case of emergencies. It has a programmable digital keypad that can set up a secure password of your choice. It has a firmly interlocked door and can be carried while traveling. The safe protects contents in a fire for up to 30min.Specifications

Dimensions: 5.5×12.7×10.4in Weight: 69lb Capacity: 0.27ft3


Includes one-year warranty Concealed hinges for security Walls have fire-resistant insulators to keep valuables safe Scratch-resistant coat finish offers durability Handle for portability


Has a small capacity Safe may not be waterproof Temperature of resistance is not mentioned

6. Best Dual-Compression Latches:FireKing SureSeal Safe Chest

The fireproof safe chest is ideal for holding important documents such as passports, birth certificates, and other essential records. It has dual-compression latches to seal the lid properly, and the handle makes it easy to carry in a hurry. The safe can withstand fire for 30min and can withstand water submission for 120min.Specifications

Dimensions: 17×19.9×7.3in Weight: 56lb Capacity: 38ft3


Portable and convenient design Stores your documents safely as its both waterproof and fireproof Includes a seven-year warranty Can even float


The safe is heavy Temperature of resistance has not been mentioned

7. Best For Compartmentalization:Digital Electronic Security Safe Box By Flyerstoy

This cash box has a convenient locking mechanism and two easy-to-operate keys. The automatic lock system requires a push to secure the lid firmly, saving time during any emergency. Constructed from a sturdy and strong material, it can withstand heavy weights and stays intact even if it falls from a higher place.Specifications

Dimensions: 8×9.5×3.35in Weight: 33lb


Compartmentalized tray for easy segregation of items Waterproof and fireproof Convenient, portable, and stylish Soft cotton pad inside protects the delicate items from scratches


Water- and fire-resistant ratings have not been mentioned Capacity of the case is not known

8. Best User-Friendly Keypad:SereneLife Digital Electronic Mechanical Lock Safe

The SereneLife Fireproof Home Safe is a perfect and secure model with pre-drilled holes for mounting. Constructed from high-quality steel plates, it is durable and tough. It has an electronic keypad system and a set of safe keys for manual access. With its auto-lock system, it automatically locks itself after three incorrect entries.Specifications

Dimensions: 06×9.06×6.7in Weight: 5.52lb


Includes keys for manual opening User-friendly digital keypad Durable and stain-resistant safe box Hidden keyhole for additional security


Requires four AA batteries to function Water- and fire-resistant ratings have not been mentioned Capacity of the case is not known

9. Best Anti-Theft Features:ETE Etmate Safe Security Box

Built from thick solid steel and a triple lock system, this fireproof and waterproof safe box is secure and anti-theft. It has both password and manual key lock mechanisms. The door is thick and difficult to open, keeping the important documents, cash, jewelry, and other valuables safe during a house fire.Specifications

Dimensions: 57×12.2×11.8in Weight: 1lb


Compact design Triggers an alarm when an incorrect password is entered Emergency key for manual override Red indicator turns on when battery power goes down Three locking bolts are provided for security


Requires four AA batteries to function Water- and fire-resistant ratings have not been mentioned Capacity of the case is not known

10. Best Easy-To-Install:Hostarme Security Safe Box

The Hostarme Home Safe Box can be unlocked with a digital keypad or manually with keys. It can be hidden in any corner of the house with its two bolts. Built from chrome-steel, it is anti-theft and fire-resistant. It is lightweight, portable and can be easily installed or carried out during any case of emergency.Specifications

Dimensions: 9×6.7×6.7in Weight: 5.8lb Capacity: 17ft3


Waterproof and fireproof Suitable for home, office, or business use Includes two emergency keys Easy to hide it in any corner


Requires four AA batteries to function Water and fire-resistant ratings have not been mentioned

Benefits Of A Fire Safe Box

Listed below are some benefits of having a fire safe box.

It is fireproof and helps you protect all the valuable and secure documents, cash, and other items in case of any unforeseen emergencies Built of thick material, it is hard to drill into, making it an anti-theft safe naturally It reduces insurance costs It operates on a set key or password or manual keys It is necessary when you go out on long vacations to keep your valuables safe

How To Choose The Right Fire Safe Box?

Here are a few factors to consider while purchasing a fire safe box.

Fire rating: It determines how long your safe can hold fire and keep the documents safe. Most fire safe boxes are tested before getting launched into the market. A fireproof rating of 1100°F for 30min is required for any Water rating: Safes must also withhold water like fire. A floatable safe with tight doors provides water resistance to keep the documents and valuables from damage. Storage capacity: Consider a safe with a large storage capacity to save a reasonable number of important documents, cash, and jewelry. Lock system: Most safes have a digital keypad system requiring a three to eight-digit password. A set of emergency keys are also provided for manual opening. Material: Most safes are constructed of steel. Chromium-plated aluminum safes are less fire-resistant. Padded interiors protect the valuables from any overthrows that are common during emergencies. Mounting: Consider safes with pre-drilled holes and are easy to mount. Small safes are relatively easy to mount than larger ones. Weight: The bigger the safe is, the heavier it is. A few portable safes are lightweight but have low storage capacity.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our team of experienced reviewers and writers have done extensive research to bring you this list of the best fireproof safes for documents and keep your valuables safe. We have included the specifications, such as the dimensions, weight, and capacity, of each safe. Furthermore, we have handpicked safes that are lightweight, easy to operate, waterproof, and portable. These products are chosen after considering user reviews to ensure high quality and an unbiased opinion.

  1. For safes with combination wheels

    Identify the keys for setting up the password Keep the door open to prevent any accidental locking Turn the combination wheel by setting on the first digit of your preferred password. Then turn the wheel two times and place it on the second number. Repeat this until your required set of numbers has been attended to. This step differs from safe to safe.

  2. For a digital safe

    Select your preferred combination of passwords. Avoid any common numbers such as birthday and phone numbers Open the door and set the number Press the number zero and wait for a few beeps. This step can vary for different safes. Enter the password again and wait for the beep. Repeat this step after the end of the beep. By repeating the codes, you should see the locking bolts retract and extend. Shut the safe and check if it is locked. You can again enter the password to check its opening mechanism.

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